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For shotgun start events, please plan on arriving at the course at least 45 minutes to an hour before your tee time. You will want to proceed to the registration table that will be identified near Amateur Player Tour Flags to check-in and pay for any side games, get your scorecard and rules for the day and notify the APT staff that you are here. Range balls will typically be on the range for you and you’ll want to plan to have your warm-up completed 15-minutes prior to your tee time to be at the cart staging area for announcements and final directions for the day. Upon completing your round, you will want to get with your group and turn-in your scorecards before returning your clubs to the car. This will help the tournament staff wrap-up the tournament as quickly as possible.

For Tee-TIme Events

For tee-time events, registration will be at the first tee. When you arrive to the course, check-in with the pro shop to find out where the range balls will be located for you. Please be at the tee no later than 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time to get your scorecard, rules for the day and pay for any side games that you want to enter for that day. Please note that if you are not at the first tee on your scheduled tee time - you will receive a two-stroke penalty. If you arrive more than 5 minutes after your scheduled tee time, you will be disqualified. At the conclusion of your round, please head to the scoring area with your group to sign and turn in scorecards. Amateur Players Tour staff will be monitoring the time of your round, so please head directly to scoring to avoid any penalties for slow play.


At each Amateur Players Tour tournament, players have the opportunity to enter into various side games against the entire field. The cost to participate is $20.

FLIGHTED SKINS - $10 | Each player will compete against his/her own division in a skins game. This accounts for $10 of the total pot. Beat everyone else in your flight on a hole, and you will win a skin.

SUPER SKINS - $5 | Each player will complete agains the entire field in a skins game. This accounts for $5 of the total pot. Beat everyone else in the field on a hole, and you will win a super skin.

CLOSEST TO THE PIN - $5 | Each player will have a chance to win a closest to the pin on each par 3. Each Division will have its own contest on a different hole.

Rules sheets

At each tournament you will get a Local Rules sheet and a Conditions of Competition that features all of the rules that govern Amateur Players Tour Tournaments. The Local Rules sheet will cover things like whether or not we will play the ball down, how we will play bunkers, golf course local rules etc. while the Condition of Competition will tell all of the local rules that will not change in each and every Amateur Players Tour Event. It is the players responsibility to grab a Local Rules Sheet and a Condition of Competition before the round starts. . Failure to understand these rules falls solely on the competitor.


When you arrive at the first tee, players must exchange score cards with their fellow competitor. Although we will be utilizing our live scoring system, the paper scorecards will be official for tournament use. Each player must sign and attest their score on their individual tournament scorecard at the end of the round and be present to turn them in at the scorers table. If you have any rules issues, you must bring them to the scoring committee at that time. Please make sure that you are keeping your fellow-competitors score as you are responsible for their scorecard. Once you leave the scoring area, your score is final and cannot be changed. Please verify to make sure that your score on your paper scorecard is accurate. You are not responsible for addition, but just the hole-by-hole scores. If you return a scorecard that is incorrect and the score is higher - you will get the higher score. If you turn in an incorrect scorecard where the score is lower - you will be disqualified. Please take your time to ensure that your scorecards are accurate before leaving the scoring area.